Thiết Bị Đo Laser - BLUM NOVOTEST

  • Highly dynamic measurements of all tool characteristics
  • Non-contact measurement of all tool types, shapes and cutting materials
  • Detection of changes in geometry such as wear on the cutting edge
  • Consistently good part accuracy through process-integrated temperature compensation
  • Reliable compensation of spindle growth and flight circle errors
  • Automatic concentricity control detects bad tool holders and contamination
  • Low-manned, automated operation
  • Measuring and testing times reduced by up to 60%
  • Thousands of measured values ​​of all cutting edges of a tool per second
  • Evaluation of a data stream
  • Dynamic adjustment of the measuring speed to the nominal speed of the tool
  • Automatic filtering of dirt and coolant buildup on the tool
  • Digiloge calibration with integrated concentricity control
  • Process reliability under coolant in a new dimension
  • High-end laser optics for the best performance under the most adverse conditions
  • Repeatability in the nanometer range
  • Highest absolute accuracy through focused laser beam
  • Measurement of micro tools and the smallest cutting edge geometries
  • Maximum homogeneous jet shape for the best results even with coolant mist
  • Absolute accuracy beyond all comparable measuring systems
  • Extremely powerful sealing air flow for the best protection of the optics
  • Explosive cleaning of the aperture
  • Technical specifications
    system length 150mm 200mm 260mm 300mm 400mm 500mm
    Max. tool Ø* 36mm 120mm 314mm 498mm 1154mm 2087mm
    Minimum tool Ø**  5***/15 µm 20 microns 30 microns 37 microns 49 µm 66 microns
    repeatability**  0.2 µm 2σ 0.3 µm 2σ 0.4 µm 2σ 0.5 µm 2σ 0.7 µm 2σ 0.9 µm 2σ

    * Danger of collision if the tool diameter is larger than the opening width. Observe the operating instructions! ** Depending on the installation situation and stability of the attachment *** Consultation with local BLUM representative required.

    Further information can be found in the respective brochure and in the operating instructions.

    The completely newly developed HPC nozzle guarantees quick and residue-free cleaning of coolant, chips and other dirt.

    • Highest possible cleaning pressure
    • Perfect air jet formation, concentrated on the measuring point  
    • Integrated check valve
    • Mountable on both sides
    • The smartDock is a worldwide unique standard interface for all carrier systems of the current BLUM laser measurement system series.
      • 3 variants for flexible assembly
      • Only 2 connection lines
      • High-end pneumatic valves with the shortest switching times
      • No separate pneumatic unit required
      • Compatible with all system variants
      • Easy changeover to new tool sizes
      • Fast replacement for minimum machine downtime
      • Laser preparations easily realizable

Innovative measurement and visualization software for DIGILOG laser measurement systems from BLUM

  • Easy creation of measurement sequences
  • Operation and visualization on the control screen
  • Intelligent evaluation functions to increase processing quality
  • Logging and statistical analysis
  • CÔNG TY TNHH THƯƠNG MẠI VÀ DỊCH VỤ KỸ THUẬT T&B VIỆT NAM là Đại Diện Phân Phối Thương hiệu BLUM NOVOTEST tại thị trường Việt Nam , chúng tôi cam kết mang đến cho khách hàng những giải pháp tối ưu, sản phẩm chất lượng, giá cả cạnh tranh và thời gian giao hàng nhanh nhất.


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