Thiết Bị Đo Chiều Cao & Đường Kính- ZX -Speed ​​Series Blum Novotest


  • Switching signal is generated by shadowing a miniature light barrier
  • Enables higher measuring speeds and measuring accuracies than with comparable probes
  • Reliable tool setting under the most adverse conditions
  • Wear-free and long-term stable
  • Precise, direction-independent switching behavior
  • Constant deflection forces
  • High-quality BLUM measuring mechanism of the latest generation
  • No disadvantageous 3-leg principle
  • No highly sensitive switching elements
  • ZX-Speed: Wired
  • ZX-Speed ​​IR: Infrared transmission
  • ZX-Speed ​​RC: BRC radio technology
  • DUO mode: Sequential control of 2 IR measuring systems with one receiver
  • Sequential control of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver
  • TWIN operation: Simultaneous use of 2 radio measuring systems on one machine
  • Very long battery life
  • More product features
    • Max. probing speed: 2 m/min
    • Switch point repeatability: 0.4 μm 2σ (standard)
    • Min. tool diameter: 1 mm*
    • Device protection class IP68
    • Exchangeable measuring surface
    • Extremely robust

    * Dependent on tool geometry and material. Tool must not be destroyed by probing forces.

    Further information can be found in the respective brochure and in the operating instructions.


    The measuring cycles are user-friendly subprograms of the machine control. They can be used on milling machines for the following measuring tasks.

    • Calibration of the button
    • tool length measurement
    • tool radius measurement
    • tool wear control
    • tool breakage control

    The measuring cycles are available for many common controls. Your local BLUM representative will be happy to provide you with information about the range of functions available for your controller.


    With the optional blowing nozzles from BLUM, the tool and the measuring surface are effectively cleaned of coolant and chips.

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